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Blue magic isp Story

Welcome to Blue Magic! After Hurricane Micheal wreaked havoc on the Panhandle of Florida. Blue Magic ISP was there to save the day with an unlimited internet. From our humble beginnning, we will be here to serve you.


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Would definitely recommend to anyone who is need of WiFi. These people are kind, knowledgeable, and get back to you very quickly. I waited a couple days, got my package and everything was set up for me, and precise notes of what was what, and so on. I will recommend to any of my friends in the future who are in need of internet service. Thank you Blue Magic 😁


Steven Stout / Google
Always have received fast, prompt responses whenever I have had any issues! Always seems like they are just an email away and they will do there best to resolve any problems! Super satisfied with my new speeds as well!


Wayne Wright / Google
Hands down the best place for Internet in rural areas. You can take it with you wherever you go. My husband is a trucker and we take it on the road with us. He is driving while I’m surfing the net. Perfect! We have traveled all across the world and have never had any service issues. Best internet ever!
Luanne Westor / Google
Toro & Dom’s Mobile Hut was a life saver after 2018/ Hurricane Michael. If anyone is looking for internet service – skip Consolidated & Comcast & reach out to Dom’s. Blue Magic ISP is the cheapest, most dependable way to go. NO buffering, plus it’s mobile. Take it where every you go. I had to spend 3 weeks in a remote part of VA with the most awful signals at that location. Using my Night Hawk, I had internet connection 100% of the time. I highly recommend this. Call & ask for Toro.


Jeanne Farmer / Google
Fantastic people very understanding are willing to fix any problem you are having with your service I highly recommend too anyone loyalty and respect is earned and they have mine…


Klaire Barnes / Google
I have had Blue Magic for 2 years now. The internet service is much better than the Line of sight service that I had previously. Speeds and reliability is good. Sometimes AT&T will mess up on service delivery but Blue Magic always gets me back up and going.
nathancollins2 / Google
Some of the best service around. There staff is very professional and treat you like family. Wanted to give a extra thanks to Michelle Aaron she will go the extra mile for her customers.


4mysonslawncare / Google
These guys are the best! Not only do they have great products, but the team here is always very helpful. Plus because this is a locally owned and operated they know the community and it’s needs. No corporate gimmicks to worry about. These guys are genuine. And the owner is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’d send my parents here; that’s how much I trust this place!


Raymond Ferrell / Google
Sherry is super helpful and always very timely with her responses. Always so eager to help and has went above and beyond to take care of us when we need a short turn around with our service. Have turned several people on to these folks and their services because it’s small business mindset and customer needs first action plans.they hold true to their word and absolutely take care of their customers. . We need more business like this one. Much love for Sherry at blue magic for all she does for me and my family with this internet service.
Jeremy Lummus / Google
Absolutely FANTASTIC customer service. Through a personal error on my part our internet got cut off Saturday with two girls who do schooling online and my personal business this was a HUGE problem. I reached out to Blue Magic ISP here on facebook they contacted me back and got us back and running very quickly. We are also in PDL where fast speed internet through other companies are more like dial up…we have 4 to 5 users online most of the time streaming etc with NO lag. HIGHLY recommend this company!!!


Elizabeth Karcher / Google
Absolutely great service, I personally have it and it never disappoints, never buffers and their data plans are at a great price! super professional and reliable!


Emalee Anderson / Google
I signed up for this service as test for family members who live out in “the boonies” between Lake City and Gainesville (no high speed internet options available other than satellite). After a bit of a rough start, to which i have to give the folks at Blue Magic credit and thanks for their excellent customer service for resolving, i have been very happy with the results. I was easily able to stream video at 1080p on two devices while playing a popular online game with no issues. Thank you Blue Magic!
James Cohee / Google

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