Why We Use Docusign

The Blue Magic ISP agreement utilizes one of the best new technologies for quick and effective communications. That’s right- it’s Docusign – the easy portal that allows you to securely sign documents without scanning or printing or wrestling with a fountain pen.

So why do we use Docusign?

The answer sheds some light on the origin of our business, and our philosophy toward our customers. We want to innovate in ways that truly serve a consumer audience, and that’s not just posturing. We show it in our service model, and in our day to day operations. 

So let’s talk about that in a bit more detail.

Offering ISP Service

The traditional ISP often operates in a model that’s pretty archaic, and not very agile.

But the world of broadband is changing quickly, and companies need to upgrade and modernize to compete.

We realize that many people could benefit from a more agile model in terms of broadband and ISP service, which is how we develop this groundbreaking alternative to centralized cable companies, offering you your Internet access for a fee, without a lot of the complexities that apply to conventional contracts. The old way is an inefficient way – a system of cost and troublesome logistics. Ours is a modern, agile system of on-demand service. 

It’s All About Efficiency

It’s all about being able to install one of our local area network systems and get started enjoying property Wi-Fi without a lot of extra hoops to jump through and extra complications.

Docusign is a part of that, and it’s kind of an analogy, too. Without Docusign, the simple process gets a lot harder. And that’s true for our Blue Magic ISP service. You might end up having to sign with a company for a long term contract, and have a technician come into your home and perform all sorts of nonsense just in order to get broadband… or you could call a company that knows its business.

That’s why we use Docusign, and why we offer our customers unparalleled service through a next-generation broadband setup. We’ve put a lot of thought into this service model, with hardware that has proven its mettle time and time again. As for the rest of it, just check the FAQ for answers on data limits, information on coverage in your local service area, and much more. We aim to be the one-stop shop for your local area network!

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