Why The World Needs The Internet More Than Ever

Why The World Needs The Internet More Than Ever

Let’s be honest with ourselves – it can be easy to take the Internet for granted. There are often times when the Internet is exactly what we need, whether we are trying to find directions, a great restaurant to enjoy, or simply a word that is on the tip of our tongue. However, the truth is that the Internet isn’t as prevalent as it is for those in major cities.

However, times are changing. In fact, did you know that there are parts of the world where you are more likely to find the Internet than clean water? While this certainly isn’t necessarily a completely positive statistic (we all want clean water, too), it does illustrate the power of the Internet, and why so many countries in the world need it more than ever. Here are some reasons why this is the case.


One of the great things about a library is that it offers information for free, no matter who you are or where you are from. However, while libraries contain physical books, the Internet is a forever-growing resource of information of all kinds. If you are interested in a particular field, you might find that you can actually learn about it for free.

This is a huge gift to those who might not be able to actually afford an education. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in finance, music, art, or learning languages, there are free classes on all sorts of subjects. This is certainly one of the main reasons why the Internet is valuable to the world, because it can lead individuals to knowledge that can help them contribute to society. You can also keep up with the news in real-time thanks to the Internet, which helps you stay informed about current events.


There are times where we often may feel alone, and it might be because we feel misunderstood. There are many children who might be getting bullied at school, and scared to tell their parents. Similarly, there might be teenagers who are scared to voice their opinions because of their peers, or want to connect with people outside of their immediate circle.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow for individuals to connect with people all around the world. There are even couples who find love online, which is proof that the Internet can be a great connector, and can actually change the rest of your life!


We all enjoy relaxing and enjoying a movie or two, and the truth is that without the Internet – you might be missing out on everything that there is to watch. More young people are turning to Youtube and Instagram to watch content rather than cable TV, because they can actually see what their favorite celebrities are up to.

You might also find that some of your favorite shows are on platforms that require access to the Internet, such as Hulu and Netflix. This is why finding the right Internet provider, no matter where you are, can help you and your family remain entertained whenever you want!

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