What’s Really Involved In Cutting The Cord?

What's Really Involved In Cutting The Cord?

The idea of moving beyond the traditional cable company and “cutting the cord” for video and streaming services is really quite a few years old at this point. But how did it all happen? Sometimes it seems like a blur…

When you look back on the exponential curve of technology, you see that things have changed relatively fast. First, you had the advent of cable companies and all of that infrastructure going into homes and business. In many cases, people had to drill through walls to get a modem connection installed.

Then, after the days of cable snaking all over buildings, we came up with wireless systems. Modern Wi-Fi was born, and alternatives emerged to send digital signals through the air.

It was quite a change – so how does that change the telecommunications industry? Well, it’s a whole new model, so let’s talk about that a bit.

Point of Use Devices

One of the big ways that wi-fi changed things was that people could now source bandwidth at a site location using wireless networks, instead of running a cable from a central fiber-optic line.

Now, cable companies are still offering fiber-optic line service – but that is kind of on a different model than it used to be. Instead of the standard delivery, some new fiber networks are seen as Cadillac or luxury networks, where wireless networks are seen as practical and routine.

In other places with poor wireless network coverage, the cable connections are still the entry-level alternative.

Blue Magic ISP

Now here comes the changes for Internet service providers or ISPs.

In the past, ISPs and cable companies always offered a coaxial cable attachment for a modem.

This was a fairly stable and static infrastructure. It didn’t have a lot of the versatility that Wi-fi has – but it was what was there at the time.

These days, you have the alternative to simply order up a hotspot and keep it for as long as you need it, and then send it back in the mail. That’s creating a raft of new use cases for personal and business customers. And new next-generation ISPs are getting serious about meeting demand. At least, we are.

We’re utilizing this new method to offer alternatives that did not previously exist. People are finding out about them, and much like the process of using streaming video instead of cable packages, people are excited about the change.

In some ways, you can say that this movement coexisted with the cloud evolution – as cloud computing services proved that you can offer software through the Internet, hotspot ISP services proved that you can offer local area network and wireless capacity through the U.S. mail.

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