Tips For Putting Your Wireless Router in the Right Place

Did you realize that nearly 76 percent of the households in America have a wireless Internet connection? For most people, having a home Internet connection is essential due to their love of streaming and social media. A key component of having a strong wireless Internet connection is a high-quality router. Not only will you need a great router to get a strong signal, you will also have to properly position this vital piece of equipment.

Allowing an experienced Internet service provider to offer some guidance regarding what type of router you need is a must. In some cases, your provider will supply a modem/router combo for you to use. The following are some of the things you need to consider when trying to properly position your router.

Remove Any Obstacles Standing in the Way of a Strong Connection

When trying to choose the right spot for your wireless router, take the time to weigh all of the possibilities. Trying to make this important decision without all of the right information will be nearly impossible. Ideally, you want to avoid putting your wireless router around anything made of metal.

Most homeowners fail to realize that common metal household items, like refrigerators, water heaters and even metal shelving can make it hard for them to get the maximum amount of power out of their wireless router. Metal items will absorb the Wi-Fi signal being put out by your router, which means it will be impossible to get a strong connection. This is why you need to position your router as far away from metal objects as you can.

Think About Placing the Router in a Central Location

As you start to look at possible locations for your router, you need to realize how these pieces of equipment work. In essence, your wireless router will send out waves that ripple much like water. This means that in order to provide all of your devices with a strong signal, you will have to put it in a central location.

Placing the router in the middle of your home is the best way to properly distribute the Wi-Fi signal it creates. In some cases, you may have to move your wireless router a few times to get the strong signal you are after. Rather than becoming frustrated with this process, you need to view it as a learning experience.

Set Your Router Up For Success

Once you have found the right place for your wireless router, you will need to alter a few settings to make it function better. One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when setting up a new wireless router is leaving the default password and username in place. Doing this will make your wireless connection very vulnerable, which is why changing this information is so important.

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