Three Reasons For Our 800 GB Soft Stop

At Blue Magic, we have a unique business model that allows us to serve people who may not be able to afford conventional broadband, don’t like to deal with those monopolistic giants in big telecom, or have other specific needs when it comes to home Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity.

One of these key pieces is our 800 GB soft stop. What this means is that your first 800 GB of data are included in your plan, and so they’re a given when you sign up. Over 800 GB, then, the issue becomes how to limit access or alleviate cost in some way.

What we have found is that the soft stop above 800 GB offers some key benefits to our customers.

Additional Capacity

Some of our customers only go over a little bit at the end of the month. A hard stop would mean that they actually have lack of service until their plan rolls over. The soft stop means that they will actually have access; it would just be slower. Slower access means they consume less broadband resources, which protects us to an extent.

Quick Answers

That continued access means that if you need your broadband at a time when you’re maxed out over 800 GB, you can still get a particular result. It just won’t be quite as easy. Smartphone holders may be familiar with these models, too, because some telecom companies have seen fit to include them in how they do business. But we feel like our approach is unique, because we’re also cutting out the middleman and delivering month-to-month broadband through gear that we ship to you…

Customer Service

If we didn’t have the 800 GB soft stop in place, people would have to be calling our reps all the time to try to get their service turned back on. That would take hours and hours of phone time, and countless cases of frustration and various kinds of back-and-forth. So that’s another thing that our soft stop model takes care of right at the outset.

If you want to learn more, take a look at our website and see how we serve all of our customers who are enthusiastic about cutting the cord and going with home Wi-Fi instead of traditional cable television. We are proud to offer these versatile options through our partnerships and administrative model, to give you economy of scale, and choice for your wifi.

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