The Value of Versatility and Blue Magic ISP Service

When people look at how to equip their households with Internet and digital connectivity, they often talk about cost. And cost is important. It’s one of those reasons that people cut the cord on traditional cable television and try to consolidate services. But versatility is important, too. How you use your bandwidth matters. So does how it’s set up, in your own local area. 

Serving Rural Areas And Other Underserved Spaces

Many of America’s rural areas are places where it’s hardest to get good Internet connectivity. Many of them are also uniquely vulnerable to seasonal storms and power outages.

By providing capable Internet connectivity in these areas, Blue Magic is upping the ante when it comes to community Internet service. But we’re also providing so much versatility to users in the suburbs, and in urban areas, too. A significant number of American households can benefit from doing the analytical comparison, and moving to cheaper, more versatile services, especially now, as the COVID19 virus makes everything harder. 

No-Contract Service

Unlike some traditional Internet companies, Blue Magic offers digital connections with no throttling and no long-term contract!

Our BMI Blue LTE 400 service provides up to 400 GB per month, with no need to lock into a year’s worth of payments or more. With delivered functional ISP hardware, we offer choices for households all over the country that want a more versatile way to enjoy all of the media and communications capabilities that come with comprehensive ISP service.

BYOD and Online Troubleshooting

Here’s another way that this service is effectively versatile for customers:

We offer the capability of using your own devices for network access. What that means is that there are more different ways to build these systems than what you’ll get through traditional ISP. In addition, we have excellent troubleshooting posted right on our website so there’s no need to scour forums or wait on hold to try to figure out how to maintain systems.

So again, versatility matters. People are looking for ways to get connected without paying an arm and a leg or getting involved in tricky and troublesome contracts with difficult to use hardware and other unpleasant issues. Talk to us about renovating your ISP service model – you may be amazed at how much you’ll save, and how much you’ll add to your local area network. We are proud of our service to our individual customers in what has become a confusing market. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks – do the side by side comparisons, and the benefits of Blue Magic will be obvious. 

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