The Power of Local LAN Access Solutions

The Power of Local LAN Access Solutions

What’s important in wireless service?

Of course, it depends who you ask, but when you really dig down into the details and look at how people get great reliable service, some aspects of this have to do with local access.

The best wireless and broadband providers understand the infrastructure they’re dealing with, and the environment in which users look for reliable service. Then they design their services accordingly. Unfortunately, some other companies simply provide generic access that often suffers because of missed calibrations or poor builds. That leads to customer dissatisfaction, which is one of the more diplomatic ways to describe it. Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about the needs of the average customer.

What is an LAN?

A local area network or LAN is the means by which homes and small businesses access the Internet, which we used to call the “information superhighway” a couple of decades ago. Now today’s Internet is much more functional and engaging, which is part of why we crave reliable networking service.

Anyway, the LAN consists of several parts. There is the modem, and then there is the router that makes the signal wireless to local devices. Then there are those workstations, usually laptop or desktop computers and mobile phones or tablets, that are connected through this small local network.

LAN Setups

As you can imagine, although the signal is wireless and digital, hardware proximity is important for an LAN. It’s important to think about how to place the router and the devices in order to get the desired result.

It’s also important how the modem talks to the router and vice versa. It’s important how the cloud gateway is set up.

That’s where your ISP or provider comes into the picture. There’s nothing more effective than introducing Blue Magic ISP hardware into your local area network. These hardware setups are designed to be effective in offer you robust communication, not just sometimes, but all of the time.

Transparent Contracts

Another thing that really bugs Internet end users is poor communication.

We know this, because we get a lot of refugees fleeing the big three telecom providers, and they often tell us why they left. They just couldn’t get transparency in pricing and service, and so they had to go elsewhere.

In the days of cutting the cord and streaming video dominance, talk to Blue Magic about how to hook up your local area network effectively for less cost. We’re here for you!

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