The Good Old Days of DSL Landline Internet

The Good Old Days of DSL Landline Internet

Remember AOL? What about DSL?

Back in the early 90s, we had to hang up the phone to get on the Internet. When you picked up the receiver, you heard those crazy modem sounds screeching in your ear. Johnny and Susie fought over the landline and the World Wide Web access.

We’ve come a long way from those days, with modern systems that look and feel much different and offer different kinds of functionality. But it’s worth thinking back to the old days, to compare what you can get now to stay connected to an Internet that has really become a very different kind of information superhighway. It was so fun back in the day – loading up those simple web pages where you could read about dolphins or whatever. Today’s Internet needs new connectivity to handle high-volume data.

Cutting the Cable Cord

Nowadays, people are trying to figure out how to get ISP services without going to the big cable companies that often like to price gouge people.

To get to this point, we needed to modernize the local area network (LAN). A local area network is made up of all of your devices – your computers and phones and consoles etc. (now, also, smart televisions) connected to each other through a wireless design.

That transition to wireless was critically important. Most people don’t have their ISP service delivered to them through a cable now – they use a wireless modem. At least, they use wireless for their LAN. For people who remember the old days, today’s networks are magically agile – able to offer one-touch connectivity. And we clamor for ISP services that match that level of agility – not old-school cable Internet services that come with immensely high price tags. At Blue Magic ISP, we offer an excellent alternative to big-box cable Internet service. Our modems show you how many devices are connected at a given time, and help you to manage your load and performance, while offering an affordable substitute for big telecom. Talk to us about modernizing your home wireless system to get the right kinds of flexibility at the right cost. You have a great LAN set up so why trust it to the gateway of a traditional ISP when you can micromanage your own connections and just pay for what you use? It’s a new day, and a new WWW. And we are here to help you to access it in a better way. Ask us what our ISP services can do for your household – because these systems are really the way of the future.

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