Telecom: Think Outside the Box

Telecom Think Outside the Box

When you’re looking at how to support your digital devices with wi-fi, it really helps to think outside the box.

We’re used to thinking of AT&T and Verizon as our only significant choices, along with the other two major carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile.

However, today there are very diverse offerings in the telecom market, and you can sometimes get excellent solutions from other corners of this industry. You’re not bound to a small collection of near-monopolies – it has to do with how technology has evolved, and how companies are able to offer consumers choice.

Excellent Coverage

One of the biggest values of going with a particular telecom provider for Wi-Fi is the coverage that you get. You might get a great signal at home, but what about out in the field, on a rural vacation or while traveling the country for work?

Yes, reception is everything. That’s why the major telecom companies spend millions of ad dollars promoting their own networks (can you hear me now?) and trashing other people’s networks. But what if you could get the collective results of each major telecom company’s networks?

Good Bandwidth

Bandwidth is another very prized aspect of good telecom service. In another sense, bandwidth is everything. It’s great if you can get a signal – but when you’re using data, if you can’t get speed, your smartphone is useless. Make that worse than useless – as you stare at the small revolving “wait” icon, you get a sinking feeling that you’re not going to be able to complete whatever task you’re going for in that moment.

Ideally, you want to be able to use multiple devices at the same time without having to buffer. Speed is essential – we know that in the American market, bandwidth is sometimes lacking. So you want to find a telecom provider that gives you good access to the ‘Internet superhighway.’

No-Hassle Service

Here’s another major stumbling block that customers encounter with some of the big four companies – red tape! Right out of the gate, they want you to sign on the dotted line, sign for multiple months, with cancellation fees, disclaimers, etc.

ISPs like to get you into a long-term contract, because that adds value for them. But are you getting anything in return?

By contrast, you can go to some of the less prominent ISP choices and get convenient no-hassle services with no contract and no intrusive eligibility requirements.

Take a look at what Blue Magic ISP offers and you’ll be astounded at how we can offer our customers great reception, great bandwidth and more – on their terms! Browse our web site to get a better idea of how service works, and why you can benefit from making the change, to a next-generation telecom model that leaves you with better connections, and more money in your pocket.

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