Reduce Storm Anxiety With A Few Simple Preparations

Let’s face it, hurricane season can weak havoc on our nerves as we watch the forecasts in anticipation of what may be lurking out over the open waters heading our way. 

While we may not be able to control the weather, we can take measures to be prepared for storms that give us a sense of security and provide us with options. 

In taking steps to ensure the safety of our personal property and physical well being, we are also helping to decrease the anxiety we may feel in anticipation of a storm approaching. Managing this storm anxiety is as essential as stocking up on food and water and boarding up our windows. Fortunately, a few steps can be taken to help us feel a little more in control.

Protecting Physical Property

Aside from having supplies to be ready to board up windows and glass doors, securing loose items on our property, it is important to take inventory. Creating a detailed inventory of your property outdoors, items owned inside and out, as well as the contents of your home is essential in storm preations. Taking pictures to go along with your inventory is a good idea for insurance purposes. 

Keep Essential Supplies On Hand

Always having essential supplies on hand will give you peace of mind knowing you are ready in the event of an approaching storm. Many people keep a bin or box of hurricane necessities stored away so that it is easily reachable when needed. A week’s worth of water, one gallon per person per day, food, can opener, a flashlight, batteries, first aid kit and medications, and cash for emergency should all be included in your hurricane bin. 

Photocopy Your Important documents

While many of our personal accounts are available through websites and online, there are documents that are not easily accessible or replaceable. Birth certificates, passports, social security cards, and other documents should be photocopied and stored in an easily reachable file. You should also include a list of all of your personal accounts and log in and password codes so that you won’t stress about remembering those details in a time of emergency. 

Staying Connected

In times of disaster, it is important to be able to stay connected. Having access to services, loved ones, news and information, and emergency services plays a key role not only in your safety but in your peace of mine. Being cut off from access to the internet can make matters worse, which is why companies such as Blue Magic Internet Service Provider are so important. Blue Magic ISP provides internet service that stays online through the toughest of storms, keeping you connected to the world around you. 

While we can not control if and when storms and hurricanes arrive, we can take appropriate measures to help prepare ourselves, our properties, and our families for potential impact. Be ready, be prepared, and stay connected.

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