• $159.99 a month
  • This is a prepaid service
  • NEW CLOUD BASED SIM TECHNOLOGY will work over multi-carriers over the GSM network.
  • This is the ultimate plan for those who want to experience the latest technology and the best WIFI.
  • The advantage of the BMI BLACK LTE 450 DATA PLAN is it will automatically configure your WIFI network to use whichever GSM network works best in your area.
  • Available to use in United States, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Please note: there is a data cap of 450GB. Once you reach this limit, you will be shut off until your next due date.  
    • Taxes and fees are not included
    • Please inquire how to use the Auto Payment promo to get an additional $10 discount per month.
  • Pre-activated BMI BLACK WIFI device
    • One of our professional BMI Technicians will open a new sealed BMI BLACK WIFI device.  BMI Technician will activate the cloud based sim on your new device. BMI Technician will test that everything is working and internet is fully operational.
    • BMI Technician will then seal your activated BMI BLACK WIFI device so it can be shipped already preconfigured for you. When the device reaches your home, all you have to do is turn on the device then connect to it like any other WiFI by using WiFi name and password o the screen so you can enjoy your BLUE MAGIC internet! Please remember to keep the MDN OR ACCOUNT NUMBER, so you can use that to renew your plan or if there are any problems. Please call call (850) 372-4284 M-F 9am – 6pm CST or email BMAGICISP@GMAIL.COM if there are any questions or concerns.

BMI Black has the right at their discretion to throttle and/or suspend the data if network congestion occurs or excessive usage is determined.  NO REFUND(s) will be issued.

BMI Black has the right at their discretion to suspend and/or disconnect any account that activates under one IMEI and switches to a different non-approved IMEI.  NO REFUND(s) will be issued.