Mobile Hotspot Devices are More Reliable than Tethering

Mobile Hotspot Devices are More Reliable than Tethering

Upon conception of dial-up in July 1992, the public was happy to access the web at home finally. If they had home phone service, they were able to access the Internet. There were two drawbacks to dial-up; you could only access the Internet at home, and you couldn’t talk on the phone while using dial-up, and vice versa. Then starting in 1999, DSL started gaining momentum, replacing the slow dial-up service. Like dial-up, DSL is only accessible if your home or work is set up for it. Nowadays, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have DSL and WiFi network together, so customers can use their wireless devices while at home or work. Wireless carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon began offering mobile hotspots for on-the-go use. Hotspot devices are designed for business people or those who are rarely home to use the Internet.

Some people think they can use their mobile phone for tethering and be fine. While that’s true, the decision to buy a hotspot device or tethering to your smartphone depends on your situation. If you’re a frequent traveler and continuously need to conduct business, purchasing a hotspot device is your best decision. Here’s why:

Data Plan

Depending on your situation, having an unlimited data plan isn’t feasible, so you can find yourself running out of data quickly if you tether to the phone. Using a hotspot device will save you from data overages.

Phone’s Battery

Using a hotspot device means you don’t have to worry about draining your phone’s battery life and having to charge your phone continually.

Connect Multiple Devices

While it’s true you can tether multiple wireless devices to your phone; sometimes the connection isn’t stable. Most hotspot devices limit the number of devices to connect, but the internet connection is reliable, and you won’t have any performance issues.

You Can Work for Longer Periods

As stated in the previous paragraph, connecting multiple devices to your phone is bound to have performance issues. Eventually, the phone’s battery will die, and the connection will drop or throttle. Experts explain that tethered phones drop signal more frequently.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Voice and Data

The beauty of using a hotspot device is you don’t have to choose between voice or data. It’s data that won’t interrupt your voice service. Most times when tethering to your phone, you can’t use voice service, and vice versa.

Diversity Carriers

You have the freedom to choose almost any carrier for your hotspot device service; you’re not restricted to your phone’s carrier. You can pick the one with the best service, connection while roaming. Even if you’re at home, you can choose the carrier with the best performance, or switch off when you need to.

Since the development of mobile hotspot devices, it has made it easier than ever to be productive while on-the-go. The surprising fact about hotspot devices is you don’t have to be tied down to a contract. Wireless carriers offer a prepaid option, so you’ll know what your bill amount is each month.

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