Is Your Internet Being Throttled?

Is Your Internet Being Throttled?

We often take our internet service for granted, never stopping to think about it until we experience a problem. You may have heard the term ‘internet throttling’ but not fully understood what that can mean for your service. For instance, if you have ever been enjoying high internet speeds and suddenly notice some pages having trouble opening, it could be due to the site you visit. Or it could be that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your data.


Fortunately, determining if your Internet is being throttled is relatively easy if you know what you should look for. Testing your internet’s speed is the first place to begin. Once you run a speed test, install a virtual private network, and then rerun the speed test. If your speeds are significantly faster with the virtual private network, your ISP may be throttling your internet.

Rush Hour

Just as traffic jams create issues on our highways, so too does too much traffic on the internet. When your ISP is experiencing higher than usual traffic, its digital roadways can become slowed and clogged. Lagging internet speeds are very much like our own traffic patterns, and they are affected more during peak hours when everyone is home and logged on to their devices. Especially in more heavily populated areas, the data sent across the internet can quickly max out its network’s bandwidth.

Clogged Equipment

Sometimes the equipment that you are using can tend to jam as well. Modems and routers can receive more information than they can handle, causing them to slow and eventually freeze up. Resetting your equipment can unclog these devices and restore your average connection speeds if the cause of the slowing was, in fact, the clog in the first place.

Internet Throttling

Some ISP’s are known to throttle internet connections for a variety of reasons. When customers exceed or come close to exceeding their cap on data usage, an ISP may slow the connection to prevent overuse. Others may slow an internet connection if their network connects to other parts o the internet, giving their customers incentive to pay more for better connectivity.

An ISP You Can Count On

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