Filling the Connectivity Gap in Rural America’s Internet Service

Filling the Connectivity Gap in Rural America’s Internet Service

Communities of the past thrived based on their proximity to infrastructure like railways, roads, rivers, and airports, which enabled the distribution of goods and services.  The further away you live from this center of commerce, the less you participated in its marketplace.  Today, it is a different type of infrastructure that maintains and creates economic growth.  Having access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet is crucial to the success of any community.

In urban settings options for high speed internet are many, making the community’s ability to plug into the world easy and affordable.  However in rural areas, this is not always the scenario. Many small towns and rural country counties experience a lack of options for internet service, if any exist at all.  This detachment from our modern infrastructure can be crippling to some communities.

The internet options, if any, that many rural Americans have access to, are slower and more expensive than it is for those in the urban cities.  This is due to the fact that building networks in rural parts of America can be very expensive and in some places, nearly impossible.  Miles of uninhabited land can separate city centers from rural communities, sometimes the very terrain can be inhospitable to the building of networks.

If internet service of some kind does exist within a rural area, it’s provider options are drastically limited and service can be spotty at best.  Often times hospitals, schools, emergency departments, and other critical groups don’t have the internet speed and strength to effectively carry out their duties.

Because of this, federal and state governments have allocated billions of dollars to companies that agree to build fiber networks to rural areas.  However, in many of these instances outdated and undetailed maps make determining which areas are in need extremely difficult.

Filling this connectivity gap for rural communities are companies such as Blue Magic ISP, which provides quality, affordable internet options for people in rural areas.  Blue Magic ISP is a part of a solution to this critical issue facing rural communities by delivering unthrottled and unlimited internet access to homes, farms, and businesses where access is poor or non-existent. 

Through the ability to connect to the infrastructure of the internet, people’s lives improve, along with their standard of living in a manner that is equal to those living in more urban and suburban parts of the country.   Bringing this service to rural communities is a great way to ensure every person has affordable and speedy access to all that the internet has to offer.

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