Effective Ways to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Approximately 86% of the households in the United States have a Wi-Fi network. Whether you use your network to perform work from home or stream your favorite show, finding ways to make it both faster and more secure should be a priority. Most inexperienced consumers fail to realize just how important Internet security is. Failing to properly secure your connection can result in your identity being stolen. 

Instead of waiting until you fall victim to one of these cyber-attacks, you need to work on staying one step ahead of this problem. Read below for some effective ways you can adequately protect your home Wi-Fi network. 

Immediately Change Your Default User Name and Password

When receiving your wireless router from an Internet service provider, you will need to change a few things. The overwhelming number of wireless routers on the market will come with a pre-assigned username and password. Some people fail to realize that both of these elements are supposed to be changed by the end consumer. There is an overwhelming number of cyber-attacks that are perpetrated using stock login credentials. 

This is why you need to immediately change your default username and password when receiving your router. By doing this, you can keep hackers guessing. When developing a new username and password, be sure to choose difficult to figure out phrases and names. You also need to write down this information and keep it somewhere safe so you can use it in the future without problems. 

Investing in a VPN is a Wise Move

While there are a number of products online that guarantee to protect your online anonymity, none are quite as effective as a virtual private network (VPN). With a VPN, you will be able to encrypt all of the data transmitted over your home Wi-Fi connection. Having a VPN also allows you to get past geo-restricted content. Before choosing a VPN service, you need to do your homework to see which company provides the best product for the cheapest price. Popular VPN services provided by Norton and Express VPN are extremely popular and very secure. 

Make Sure You Keep Router Software Updated

A reputable Internet service provider will do all they can to keep their customers happy with their products. One of the main things these ISPs do to keep consumers safe while surfing the Internet is creating and releasing new updates. The updates created for most routers are designed to make them both faster and more secure. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when presented with these updates is ignoring them. If your router is not constantly updated, it is only a matter of time before it becomes vulnerable to attack. This is why you need to download these updates immediately. Working with an ISP that is passionate about security and customer service is something you should view as a priority. 

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