Effective Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Even if you have the best internet service provider in the area, Wi-Fi signals aren’t always reliable. Also, the further you move from the signal, the slower your browsing will become. Not only that, you may not be able to stream, drop the signal completely, or experience “dead zones.” While these problems are common, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the ways you can improve your internet speed and enjoy the fast browsing you want. 

Check the Wired Internet Connection First 

Before blaming your Wi-Fi, be sure the internet coming into your house is performing how it should. To do this, use an ethernet cable to plug your computer into your modem directly. It probably won’t have an ethernet port if you have a newer laptop, but you can get a USB to ethernet adapter. 

Once connected, you can conduct a speed test to see your actual internet speed. If it is different than what you see on the bill from your ISP, you may need to call them or even replace the modem. If the speed test does match the speed listed but seems slow, it may be time to purchase a better plan. 

If everything seems fine, run the test wirelessly, standing beside the router. If you get good speeds close to the router but nowhere else in your home, it’s probably the Wi-Fi that is to blame. If the internet speed is slow when you are right next to the router, it’s a sign you need to upgrade your hardware. 

Update the Firmware for Your Router

Before you start adjusting settings or messing with anything that relates to your router, be sure to apply any available updates. Modern router manufacturers release new software all the time to make small speed improvements. 

Ensure the Proper Placement of Your Router

Not every home distributes the Wi-Fi signal the same. Where you put your router can impact your wireless coverage significantly. While it may make sense to have a router inside your cabinet and where it can’t be seen, this isn’t always a good idea for wireless coverage. Try to put your router in the middle of your house. This is going to help it reach each corner more easily. 

You should also make sure your router is in an open space, away from obstructions and walls. This is going to give you the best signal possible. 

If you have a router with external antennas, point them up to increase coverage. It also helps elevate your router, which will help you get a better signal. 

Getting the Best Wi-Fi Signal with Your ISP

If you want to get the best possible signal from your router, it’s a good idea to use the tips and information above. You can also talk to your ISP to see what other options are available. Being informed is the best way to ensure you make the most with your Wi-Fi signal.

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