Data Plans in the Mail!

Data Plans in the Mail!

Up until recently, the telecom industry had a pretty traditional model for selling local Wi-Fi to customers.

Customers would go to a major traditional cable TV provider, and they would buy modems and other gear in order to benefit from high-speed Wi-Fi in the home. Sometimes, to put a wired modem in, a tech would come into the home (hopefully wearing those little floor-protection booties and carrying the right gear for tunneling through walls) and hook the customer up (hopefully quickly.)

That model is quickly dissolving with other alternatives coming into play.

Blue Magic ISP’s Direct Hookup

With Blue Magic ISP, it’s easy to order a data plan directly through the mail.

Customers can navigate the website and simply order the data plan that they want, and a device will come in the U.S. postal “snail mail.”

After about 1 to 3 business days, the device will arrive, and customers can simply set it up and attach their own devices to high-speed streaming wireless.

There are also innovative payment methods available through the website to make ongoing maintenance of one of these data plans easy and accessible.

Benefits of the Blue Magic ISP Approach

Why would people want to order Wi-Fi this way?

One reason is that in the traditional model, you are ordering from a provider that may be using cable up until last-mile delivery. So when there’s a storm or some other kind of event, you can get your access knocked out because local infrastructure is down.

There’s also the hassle of working with these companies. The major national telecom providers have gotten fat and happy with a captive audience for so many years. Customers experience long wait times in call centers, lack of adequate trained technicians, and vague answers to their important questions. By contrast, Blue Magic ISP is vibrantly supported, so that you get help with any issues that occur with your service.

Third, the Blue Magic ISP on-demand service is just easier. Being able to source connectivity this way means customers can choose what works for them – on a short-term or long-term basis, and have an active partner they can talk to about their Wi-Fi needs – not just a 1-800 number that gives them some elevator music.

Find out more on our webpage. Our online shopping cart makes purchase and delivery simple and resources allow come customers to contact us for support and customer service. We take PayPal and major credit cards, and we are here to help you welcome a new age of connectivity by getting your house outfitted with this groundbreaking telecom service. Any questions? Just ask. We aim to make your wi-fi easy to get, and easy to keep.

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