Blue Magic ISP: The Bring Your Own Device Option

Blue Magic ISP The Bring Your Own Device Option

In prior blog posts, we’ve talked about why people are so enthusiastic about Blue Magic ISP’s telecom services. If you’ve ever dealt with a poor performance from a cable company’s call center, whether it relates to reliability of service or cost, you know why people invest in trying an alternative like Blue Magic ISP that brings the functionality of telecom setups directly into your home.

What many people don’t know about, though, is the Bring Your Own Device option. This is where you can actually use your own connected device to get your household online with local Wi-Fi services.

Want to learn more? Here’s a bit more about our BYOD program and how it works. This could be a good fit for you in order to save even more money and resources in getting connected, and staying connected, where you live.

GSM Networks

Our GSM BYOD program works through the use of GSM satellite networks. What is a GSM network? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a system set up on the protocol for 2G wireless carrier networking. GSM networks utilize a system in which each carrier’s network is separate. That means you can’t really go cross-platform with these types of solutions. It’s part of past protocols related to last-generation telecom systems. For reference, the movers and shakers in the telecom world are now working on 5G functionality. But that doesn’t mean that a GSM network plan is obsolete!


With that in mind, even though AT&T, T-Mobile and others use GSM networks, the only type of device that you can use with Blue Magic ISP in order to utilize BYOD is an AT&T device. Fortunately, AT&T devices are ubiquitous, and the central carrier is a major presence in telecom. You’ll need to go under the “shop” tab on the website to figure out if your device is compatible

Getting in Touch

We operate our telephone lines during specific business hours, but you can also use live chat to ask available agents about compatibility. Our people will help you to figure things out! If you’re fed up with traditional telecom, Blue Magic ISP may be your perfect escape pod.


If you want to use the BYOD option, order the BYOD kit and your data plan in your cart. This lets us know that you are ordering a setup in which you’re using your own local AT&T device.

Get connected to the web and wifi networks with an excellent next-gen provider!

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