Affordable Internet For Remote And Rural Homes

Affordable Internet For Remote And Rural Homes

Who can do without the Internet these days? Hardly anyone! The world has opened up to anyone and everyone thanks to the Internet and we have been able to bring the knowledge of the world into our homes. However, there are pockets that have no access more because they live in rural areas with limited connectivity. Blue Magic is one such Internet service provider that offers connectivity by operating off of the available GSM networks and towers.

Blue Magic ISP started in the aftermath of the worst hurricane that hit Florida in 2018. Hurricane Michael devastated the panhandle of Florida and destroyed cell towers, felled the power lines, and caused untold heartache and left the people completely isolated. With Blue Magic, the connections between people began to emerge and acted as a salve to over a million people that had been cut adrift due to the hurricane.

ISP at a flat fee

Blue Magic offers Internet services for a flat fee. The WiFi is enabled through mobile hotspots and remains consistent. What’s more, they offer unlimited data. They also offer boosters and WiFi devices at an additional cost.

Data plans

Blue Magic offers two options – BMI Blue LTE 800 and BMI Black LTE 750. BMI Blue LTE 800 allows you the highest speeds available for up to 800GB. Once you reach 800GB, the speed gets throttled without impacting your internet access until the following payment.

BMI Black LTE 750, on the other hand gives you 750GB data, which is the data limit. Once you have reached the limit, it gets capped and you may have to wait until the following payment date.

Equipment – boosters and routers

Blue Magic offers boosters and WiFi routers. They can be bought online and used to get connected. However, there are also other compatible devices that you can connect with the Blue Magic ISP. All you need to do is to ensure their compatibility by chatting with the experts at Blue Magic.

Routers such as Netgear Nighthawk and The Master Roam offer different options. The Netgear Nighthawk router can support nearly twenty devices and has an Ethernet port if you wish to use the Ethernet cable to connect. The Master Roam, however, comes with two internal antennas, and can connect nearly fifteen devices. This router uses a cloud based SIM, although you can change to a physical SIM based on your needs.

Staying connected

It is safe to say that we are able to remain connected because of the Internet and the various Internet service providers that are making it easier and cheaper for anyone and everyone to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity which is great when costs and taxes are increasing. What a boon it has been, especially during the national disasters and the current pandemic.

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