A Port In A Storm

A Port In A Storm

You’ve heard the old saying “any port in a storm” – implying that when people are facing these kinds of natural emergencies, they’re desperate.

We’ve seen that up close. At Blue Magic, the entire idea for having a more versatile ISP and broadband program came from seeing what storm damage does to local infrastructure. It’s frightening! There’s the threat to personal safety, and threat to property. People often have to decide whether to evacuate, and what to take with them. There are so many unknowns around how things will play out, and it’s hard to plan.

One casualty of storm damage often involves household networks. It’s all well and good for people who don’t live in storm regions to have the traditional kind of broadband and wireless services. It may be possible to trudge along the year in and year out with the same kinds of static broadband service, not to mention other infrastructure, but when you have to rebuild after a storm, things are quite different, as those who are experienced know.

So we started to brainstorm how things would look differently for people who for one reason or another have to reinvent their home infrastructure.

We came up with Blue Magic ISP, a versatile situation where you can order broadband using our defined hardware setups that can be delivered to your home in the mail. That’s different from scheduling a technician to come to your home and hardwire broadband devices into an electrical and communications grid.

Data Options

As a more versatile form of ISP, Blue Magic does come with data caps.

Those choosing the 300 GB service get 300 GB of data per month. The 450 GB provides 150% of that amount to households.

In either case, what you get is a durable result that’s flexible and gives you the ability to change things up if you experience a threat to your property.

That’s important, particularly as we’re seeing a lot of storm damage across the country right now, and other challenges to long-term home maintenance goals.

Broadband doesn’t just happen by magic – but Blue Magic can help to remove some of the barriers and obstacles that keep people from having good, effective broadband service in the digital age, when so much of what we do gets done online. Internet shopping, communication with school districts and medical networks and more requires a good stable ISP solution. Blue Magic can help – try it and harden your home network against catastrophe.

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