4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Move

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Move

Whether you it’s across the country or to a new neighborhood, you have a lot to keep track of when you are moving. Planning as much as you can will save you time, money, and stress, especially since there are loose ends that can be easily missed. Consider our favorite tips as you prepare for your move:

  1. Keep lists.

Choose a binder or notebook that becomes the central place for all of your moving notes. Keep track of your home’s services that you need to cancel or transfer, whether it’s your internet service, cable bills, or your phone bill. You will want to contact them all in advance of your move to notify them of your moving date and work with them to transfer services in your new home. In this notebook, you should also write special dates, phone numbers, and even a list of boxes and a summary of their contents.

  • Work within a budget.

Staying close to budget when you move isn’t an easy process. However, before the moving day arrives, get an estimate from several different movers about the costs. Consider other costs such as cleaning, any move-out fees associated with your home, as well as boxes and other packing supplies. If your goal is to keep your costs low, research into doing the move yourself.

  • Label boxes by room.

As you pack up, make sure you put things in boxes according to the room. It may sound like obvious advice now, but when you are in the moving process, this can be easy to forget. Also, keep track of how many boxes per room you have, so that way, it’s easy to figure out if something has gotten lost. Also, if you have any items you know you will need the first few days in your new home, keep them completely separate. Consider putting aside toiletries, medication, pajamas, and even your coffee pot, inside of a separate box you keep out of the moving truck.

  • Photograph electronics and cords.

Look at the back of your television, stereo, and any other electronic and take a picture. Why? Because when you have to reassemble everything, it makes it so much easier to figure out how it went before. Also, use masking tape to label cords to where they went as well, which makes it easy to reassemble your home after the move.

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