4 Things To Consider Before Buying a New Wi-Fi Router

4 Things To Consider Before Buying a New Wi-Fi Router

Whether you are trying to set up a remote workstation or you want to stream your favorite movies, having a reliable and fast Internet connection is imperative. Finding the right Internet service provider is the first step in securing the fast connection you need. Once you’ve found the right Internet service provider, you will need to invest in a quality Wi-Fi router.

Nearly 76 percent of the homes in America with broadband Internet use Wi-Fi as their primary source of connection technology. There are a number of router options on the modern market, which can make choosing the right one difficult.

If you are in search of a new Wi-Fi router, consider some of the following factors.

1. Assess Your Top Internet Speed

Before beginning the search for the perfect Wi-Fi router, you need to gather certain information. One of the main things you need to know is the top Internet speed provided by your ISP. This speed is usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Knowing this information can help you start narrowing down the list of routers at your disposal. Choosing a router that is capable of handling this speed is crucial when trying to avoid issues involving buffering or dropped connections.

2. Get Familiar with Software and Security Features

When buying new equipment designed to connect to the Internet, you need to keep security in mind. Most people transmit a lot of sensitive information over their home Internet connection. Transmitting this information on a router that isn’t secure can be disastrous.

As you start to research different Wi-Fi routers, you need to opt for one that is capable of supporting third-party firmware. If you are using this router in a home with children, then you need parental controls. Many routers provide controls that allow parents to create fixed time slots for Internet usage.

3. Know How Many Devices Will Connect to the Router

Another important piece of information you need before choosing a router is how many devices will connect to it. As you add more devices, the speeds provided by the average router will start to slow significantly. If you have lots of devices in your home, then you need to make sure you get a dual-band router.

The 5ghz side of this router is capable of supporting speeds up to 1300 Mbps. This means you should have no problem connecting multiple devices to your Wi-Fi router without experiencing problems.

4. Look At Router Reviews

If you want to make choosing the right Wi-Fi router easier, then using online reviews is a great idea. You can tell a lot about a particular router brand by looking at the reviews it has received from current and former users. Ideally, you want to find a router that receives consistently high reviews online. With some online research, you can start narrowing down the list of router options on the modern market.

Now that you know more about what to look for in a Wi-Fi router, it is time to get to work.

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