Bring Your Own Device Program Template if we have more data plan


What you get:

The Bring Your Own Device Program is a great way to get set up on one of the best prepaid internet companies.
You will receive a SIM card in the mail that specifically works on our Blue Magic service.

What you are paying for:


What do you need:

You just need an unlocked AT&T GSM device and we will send a SIM card to you.
You will need to purchase the $99.99 plan to go along with this program.

Compatible Devices:

Netgear Nighthawk MR1100
ZTE Velocity 2

Please note with the Nighthawk and ZTE Velocity 2, you will have the option to pick either BMI Blue LTE Unlimited or BMI Blue LTE 800 data plan.

Other compatible AT&T GSM unlocked device can only be placed on the BMI Blue LTE Unlimited Data Plan.

*Please note that you will only receive a refund off of the monthly service since this is a Bring Your Own Device program, we can not guarantee that your device will work. However, you can keep the sim card and purchase a unit that we guarantee will work on our service.*

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